Staying Safe

We have recently been enjoying a lot more freedom, but we are not out of the woods just yet. The virus rates are still going up so we all need to take care to look after ourselves and others around us. We can do this by:

  1. Washing our hand offen.
  2. Wearing Face masks on public transport (Trains, Buses and Taxies) and in Shops.
  3. If you feel unwell you should ring to make an appointment to have a Covid test as soon as possible.
  4. Stay in doors if unwell. Along with the rest of the household (anyone who lives with you) for 10 days. There have been some people thinking that its ok to go out when they have COVID-19 symptoms and this is why the virus 🦠 is spreading again.
  5. We should all take up the Vaccine if it is offered to us, Yes we can still catch the Virus 🦠 but having the vaccine  can help us to get over this virus 🦠 better. Therefore there will be less deaths and non of us want to loose loved ones, do we?. Millions of people have the flu jab every year and this has lead to less deaths and less people having to go to hospital. So it makes good sense to have the vaccine. I know that we cannot make people take up the Vaccine, but please give it a thought before you dismiss it all together. If we look back to about 1963 there was an outbreak of Small Pox. Now days Small Pox is not a problem because way back then and for years later people were Vaccinated so it is unheard of now days and this could possibly be the same with the COVID-19 vaccination, we can all live in hope. It’s worth ago. People worry about the side effects, but most people only get a sore arm for a few days. Has with anything there are risks, but risks are low. We don’t know yet how people who got COVID-19 will be, how it will change their lives in the future. What ever you decide to do, do it for the right reasons for you, because just because there have been one or two reports of people getting blood clots doesn’t mean that this will happen to you. There could be other reasons for this, you are just has likely to get a blood clot from bumping in to something, but we don’t stop that do we? It just a thought. Whatever you do stay safe and well.