2021 Census

This year is the year of the Census.

You need to fill this form in in  and return it as soon as possible and as close to 21st of March as possible. The reasons are for  :-

Councils know what sort and size of Services that we need,

1. roads been repaired,

2. Rubbish collections .

3. school places for our children,

4. hospitals needed.

5. housing.

This happens every 10 years and they will want to know where you are/ was on the 21st March 2021. only 1 person in the household needs to fill in the form for everyone living in your household and if you have any problems with the form themn you can ring someone who will be only to happy to help you with this form. But you just need to ask for it.

You can also fill in this form online if you wish to. The choose is all yours, but please fill in all the bits that they ask you for and you will be fine. Just remember to take your time and be truthful.

All they want to know is about who you are and who lives with you`;-







other people other than family

This is just to bring their records up to dated has over 10 years people may of moved away or even not be with us anymore.

It all sounds worse than it is.

Just remember to ask for help if you need to, they will be only too happy to help you.

Then the next one will be in2031