Fire breaker (lockdown)

Today is the new lockdown for people in Wales.

This is till Monday 9th November 2020.

For many of us we have already been in local lockdown for a few weeks now.

We will get though this together.

But to do this we all need to be in it together. We can do this by:-

  1. Staying home
  2. Washing our hands often, not just when at home.
  3. Wearing face mask when we have to go out.
  4. Stay 2-meters apart (2 arms long or 3 steps apart)
  5. Phone a friend to see how they are. we all need to talk to someone.?
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.?
  7. Try and keep busy. this will pass the time.
  8. Go out for a short walk.
  9. But most of all stay safe.