The next AGM is on 15th to 19th March 2021.

We will be looking at what we have done over the last year during the pandemic and how we will move on over the next coming 12 months.

How we have been able to keep in touch with staff and members. we have done this by giving all our members iPads in order that they did not feel isolated. This has been achieved by funding received from a number of funders for who we are very grateful for, because this has been a great life line for all of our members.


  1. They have been able to keep in touch with staff members who have been able to pass on information about what they should do during the pandemic.
  2. They have been able to keep in touch with family and friends by using FaceTime , Facebook, and Zoom.
  3. As well has weekly meetings and quiz  and bingo nights using Zoom, they have still been able to have a social life of sorts.
  4. All of our members have been able to learn new skills in technology, passing these skills on to each other and members of staff. This has been a big learning curb for us all.

All this has been possible because of funding from:-

  1. Moondance Foundation
  3. BGCBC
  4. Community Foundation Wales
  5. Interlink
  6. VAMT
  7. Leeds Building Society
  8. GAVO

We are very grateful for all their support because we could not have done all this without them all.

The was more training on the iPad on Thursday, this was all done online with pauline showing how to change backgrounds and the member passing on what they had learnt during lockdown and you could see how they had all grown in confidence durning the lockdown.

Jenny also showed us what her group had been doing durning lockdown. 6 groups had been formed. Samantha helped out in 3 of these groups and Tom helped out in the other 3 Groups. These 6 groups formed focus groups which went under the heading  My day, My way

`the groups covered:-

  1. Home
  2. Health and well-being
  3. Employment
  4. Friends and relationships
  5. Education


The full circle project

They also looked at communication, looking at long words and what people with learning disabilities thought about this. Most have problems with long words, these need to be easier to read and not be so complicated. They took 5 new words a  week and broke down what these words meant. There were 20 Words in all.  A few of these words were:-

  1. Exclusion
  2. Priority
  3. Citizen
  4. Barrier
  5. Converation
  6. Consultation
  7. Expression
  8.  Support.

 This was a deal breaker during the lockdown because some of the members had problems with what the First Minister, Health Minister or what was said on the news. Because they would talk too fast and most of the words they used were very confusing has most of their words are not used in normal day speaking. There was nothing in Easy Read at all. This is something that Governments should look in to doing for the very near further.