Ipads to all members

Over 100 iPads have be given out to all our members. in RCT, Merthyr  and Blaenau Gwent.

This is so that:-

  1. Members can keep in touch with staff if they have any problems with benefits or understand what is going on.
  2. So that members can help and keep in touch with other members.
  3. so that the members can socialise  with  weekly quizzes, bingo. these run on a Thursday evening.
  4. weekly meeting with staff on updates.
  5. All this means is that the members are not left feeling lonely and isolated.


All this has only been possible because we received funding From:-

  1. WCVA
  2. Interlink
  3. Vamt
  4. Gavo
  5. ICF
  6. Community Foundation in Wales
  7. Leeds Building Society

We will be eternally grateful for their help, because non of this would have been possible without there support in these tough times. So a big Thanks you to your all