Looking Forward

Has we are all aware things are starting to look better and with any luck we will all be able to enjoy our Christmas this year, unlike last year when we were all in Lockdown. Many of us did not see friends or family not only for Christmas but for months before and after.  We must not forget about the loved ones that we have lost on the way, Our hearts and thoughts go out to their families and friends has it will be hard for many of them at this time of year.

This year things are looking up for us all. The of cases are going down in Wales.  All because many of us have followed the government warning:-

  • wearing face masks (even when many of us find them uncomfortable)
  • keeping a safe distance from others.
  • washing  hands or using hand sanitiser.
  • Staying away from large crowds.
  • Working from home if we can.
  • Having taken  up the vaccines that we have been offered to help to keep us all safe. It doesn’t stop us getting the virus but it means that many of us will not get it has bad has we would if we didn’t have the Jab. Yes we can still carry the virus and have no symptoms so we can still pass the virus on to others. Many people don’t have side effects and if they do then it a sore arm for a fews day or a headache or sickness. We all react differently but the side effects go in a few days.
  • Many of the over 50’s have now had their booster jab so they are now doing the over 40’s so look out for your letter informing you of when and where to go.

Its better to be safe than sorry has the effects of getting COVID-19 can be so life changing and not for the best.

The Welsh Government have said that you will need a COVID-19 Pass to now go to:-

  • Clubs
  • Concerts
  • Cinemas
  • Football/Rugby Matches
  • So that’s just about anywhere that the are large groups of people.
  • Booking holidays abroad .
  • But you need to be double  vaccinated to get a COVID-19 Pass.

We Still need to wear Face masks and  use Hand Sanitiser when we go in to:-

  • Shops
  • Pubs and restaurants (you can remove masks to eat and drink but you replace it when you are walking around or going up to the bar. unless you are exempt for health reasons.
  • In large events.

But this doesn’t mean that now we can just sit back and think that things are back to normal, Because things are far from normal and it may take sometime before that can happen and it will may well be a very Different normal in the future.

So keep up the good work and hopefully we can have a good Christmas this year with our close family. So here’s to hoping and having all fingers and toes crossed that it happens and a very Merry Christmas and New Year it will be for us all.