Vaccinations across Wales


Vaccinations across Wales seem to be going well and are up todate and even  exceeded in some parts of the country. We must remember that it will take a few weeks after having the first jab before our bodies can start to fight the virus and then we will need to have a second jab 4 to 12 weeks later to be totally covered, so please don’t think that you are covered fully after the first jab. You will be given a card which you need to hold on to and take with you when you go for your second jab. This also lets the doctors know which vaccination you had.

But we still need to take measures to stay safe because this is the only way that we can help to get rid of the virus.   We know that it has been hard on everyone and yes we have been helping with staying at home and following the rules, but there are a few that are not. That is why it is taking so long to get rid of the virus, but be patience and we will all come though this together.

We would all like to go and see our friends and family,  have nights out and we will it is just going to take little bit longer than we thought it would.

look out for letters or phone calls asking you to make an appointment to have you jabs has this is maybe the only way that we can get back to some sort of normal.

All Illustrations done by Stacey Harding.

Has of the 19th February 2021 we are still in lockdown for a further 3 weeks. that been 12th March 2021 when the First Minister will inform us  on what the next steps are to help us come out of lockdown safely.  These will inform us of our way forward and out of this pandemic and if we all follow the rules set out then hopefully this will be the last lockdown. So listen carefully to what the First Minister and Health Minister say. Only by doing this can we all be safe and hopefully get back to some sort of normal, what ever that is.

Has from 15th March 2021 things are starting to change but we still need to be careful.  Must children are starting to return to school, hopefully all children will be back to school after Easter 12th April 2021. All over 11s must wear face mask and social distance. Lots of people are still having to work from home and have been for a year now. people are allowed to travel with

You can now have your hair cut only by appointment, has Hairdressers and Barbers are now starting to open, but we need to wear our face masks just like we do when we go to shops.

The news today 18th March 2021 Wales has the lowest rate of cases in the UK, so there’s a bit of good news,  but this does not mean that we are going back to normal yet. we still need to wear our face masks and social distance.

Has of 19th March 2021 stay at home will change to stay local, this meaning within 5 miles.

And sports centres will start to reopen.

4 people from 2 household can meet outside and in gardens but no parties for the time being. But at least we can see family and friends out doors.?

Has of 22nd March 2021

non essential shops will  start to be  returning to opening across Wales.

It will start with the supermarkets opening up the areas that they had to close during the start of the lockdown and then the other non essential shops will soon follow.

Libraries will also open from 22nd March 2021.

But it could be sometime yet before pubs and restaurants open up again.

Wales tourism will start to reopen for the Easter holidays.

Some holiday companies are starting to take booking for holidays abroad,   but we need to realise that these can be cancelled at anytime. There is talk that you can only travel aboard if you have had your full vaccinations. If this is true you will need to take this up with your holiday company so this is something to think about before you book up to go away.

Holidays abroad

At the moment you have to isolate of 2 weeks in a hotel when your return. I for 1 would not want to do this. Not only because I will be away from family and friends for a month, but you  will have to find the money to stay in these hotels and its not cheap. I have heard that it could cost £1000 per person so this is again something that you need to take up with your travel company.