Working forward

17th May 2021

From Monday 17th May 2021 we will be on level 2.

This is a great step forward for us all and all the great work that we have been doing to try and stop this virus.

Many people have taken up the offer of a vaccine and have been following the government guidelines of washing hands, wearing face masks and keeping a safe distance of 2 meters apart. For this we should all give ourselves a pat on the Back because this hard work is starting to get us back to something called normal which maybe a little different from what normal use to be like, but if we are safe and well does this matter?

This does not  mean that we can have ? parties. we still need to follow the government guidelines has there is still a chance that things could change for the worse, maybe  we could very  well end up in another lockdown and I think you would all agree that this is not what anyone of us wants.

There is a stronger Virus ? out there and it can spread faster than the virus ? that put us in to lockdown last year.

This Version of the Virus ? is called the Indian Virus ? and so far there have been 26 recorded cases in Wales. So lets keep it that way and wish these 26 a speedy recovery and all those who are ill in hospitals and at home.

The NHS is starting to get back to normal but it will take time and we should all say a big thank you to all members of the NHS for seeing us though this hard time and be very patient while normal services start to return. This will not happen over night and many of the members working in the NHS have not had a break since this all started 15 months ago. Many have seen very little of their close family member has many of us have not seen loved ones for ages. We all know how that feels.

Some of us have lost love ones and friends along the way and lets not have to go though that again.

The government feel that we could have to slow things down again if number of the Virus ? go up.

Has there could be another spike in the summer.

So lets all do our bit and carry on following the rules and hopefully we will go in to Level 1 in June 2021.


Holiday Parks are opening from Monday 17th May 2021 and it is hoped that we will all stay and holiday in Wales this Year. This is hoped that we can help businesses in Wales who have been hard hit during the pandemic, rebuild some of their loses  and less people out of work over the past year or so. So let’s all support Wales this year.

Some people will want to go abroad and that is their choice, but they need to be aware that they have to follow that countries virus ? rules and rules on returning to Wales. They will need to find the money  out of their owe pockets to have texts done on arriving and leaving these countries. Has we need to restrict the possibility of the virus ? to and from Wales.

We want Wales to be a safer place for us and our family and friends to live in.


Wales is one of the best countries in the world with their vaccination plans.

2 million by this weekend.

Restaurants and pubs will be opening up for indoor dining and drinking and groups of 6 household members,

we will all have still wear masks and social distance to keep other people safe, but at least we will be able to meet up and have a meal. Thats something that we are all looking forward to.

Also  households 6 people can meet up indoors.

Also opening are:-

  1. Theatres (numbers will be limited)
  2. Museums
  3. Cinemas(numbers will be limited)
  4. bingo Hall (please check on this before you go)
  5. wedding ? ? venues up to 30 people indoors and 50 people outdoors
  6. wakes up to 30 people indoors and 50 people outdoors. This can only be good because many of us have not been able to say goodbye ? to our love ones.

The next review is in June so keep up the good work and we could be on level 1 if the Indian variant is under control. We have come this far and given up so much, lets not spoil all that hard work now.


  1. Face Masks
  2. Wash hands
  3. Social distance